The Stallion Advantage is not just for the working man

The Stallion Advantage is not just for the working man

Now that summer is approaching it’s time to get your ATV’s, dirt bikes, campers and caravans ready!

What’s the one thing that can put a damper on the perfect vacation? A flat tire!


Then, the open road is full of dangers; wayward nails, broken glass and so much more. Sahara tire sealant prevents air loss by sealing around these puncture-creating objects while a combination of biodegradable fibres stops moisture from entering the steel belt area.

Stallion tire sealant can be used on all tire types and guarantees no leaks or punctures, or in other words, a problem free vacation!

Sahara is a high-speed and slow-speed product designed for all kinds of vehicles and can reduce the operating temperature of the tire leading to improved fuel economy which leads to saving money. And who doesn’t want to save money on vacation?!

All Stallion tire sealants and casing care products work in extreme conditions between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C), so whether you are ice racing in Kamloops or ATV’ing in the desert, Stallion tire sealant is the product for you.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the sealant! My ice tires have nearly 4000 drilled holes in them, partially plugged by screws, and only one hole generated a slow leak. “I actually found a pre-drilled hole in one of my tires where I forgot to put a screw in, and that tire doesn’t leak at all.” – Kent

So get the Stallion Advantage, load up the pickup with your ATV’s, trikes, bikes and more and get ready for summer!

Call today to see how Stallion can save your tires and save you money!