STALLION Tire Management Solution (STMS) came together to create a unique product that filled the need for an effective high performance tire sealant solution. It was evident that a product like this did not exist on the market so STALLION manufacturing and its founder Noorez Devraj answered the call. A “ground up” technology was created to meet new rheological and high performance sealing criteria. Through patience, determination and tenacity, STALLION manufacturing was born.

One of the lead engineers was Dr. Ken Pinder, who passed away peacefully in 2009. May GOD rest his soul in eternal peace.

STALLION’s Tire Management Solution (STMS) and Nano sealing technology works on a variety of tire types, all of which are characterized by varying operating conditions and physical parameters. No other tire sealant technology operates between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C), self-balances and self seals punctures up to ½” in diameter in high speed tires.

Our Products under the brand name “Stallion Tire Maintenance Solution” have passed all tire engineers tests at ARDL.

Tire Durability & Integrity Test (Test #PN93599)
Test results with Stallion Sahara…
Improved inflation pressure
Lower casing hardness
Higher inner tensile strength
Protection against Heat and Oxidation

Chamber Test (Test # PN94504)
TCC products do not support combustion.

GC/MC Test (ENTNB5-24-1)
TCC products do not support combustion and will not cause a fire in the retread chamber

Remaining privately owned and operated; Lyna’s dedicated team ensures that high standards are highly regarded by our customers and the marketplace for providing exceptional first class products, service, and innovative problem solving ideas as well as cost cutting solutions.

Our products are 100%
o Environmentally friendly
o Non – toxic
o Biodegradable
o “Not – Controlled”

Stallion’s tire management gel was designed to work in partnership with Tire manufacturers, Retread manufacturers, Tire Dealers and the end-user that move and strengthen our economy tirelessly 24/7.

Stallion Manufacturing’s mission is to be a global leader in providing value added solutions, help increase the productivity of our customers and decrease the volume of tires being prematurely discarded into landfills each year.

Lyna Manufacturing Inc.
Noorez Devraj