Sahara is a high-speed and slow-speed product designed for commercial vehicles and industrial equipment tires. Sahara reduces the operating temperature of the tire leading to improved fuel economy. Sahara is the only high-speed gel formula with the highest operating temperature.

Operates between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C).

Stallion holds ARDL Accreditation. ARDL test…Stallion Sahara is the only tire casing product that has been tested and passed by ARDL, one   of the most recognized labs in the world for tire/rubber testing. The test was based on OEM test standards and TMC RP.


  • Prevents air loss by sealing around puncture-creating objects (nails, bolts, glass etc.) up to ½” or 1.3 cm in diameter, while a combination of biodegradable fibers stop moisture from entering the steel belt area
  • Stops air loss and retains correct pressure by sealing the entire casing from normal casing porosity
  • Improves the seal over buffed areas
  • Reduces heat buildup in tires
  • Balances wheel end assembly
  • Protects the casing from heat, oxidation and UV damage
  • Dissipates tire chamber heat so that tires run cooler
  • Does not pool to the bottom or block the valve system
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Performs with compressed air and Nitrogen
  • Approved for use with TPMS
  • Helps retain casing integrity
  • Continually self-seals punctures up to ½” (1.3 cm) in diameter
  • Stops Bead/Rim/O-ring and Vent leaks
  • Washes out easily
  • Aluminum alloys vary by manufacture. Check your wheel manufacturer’s warranty concerning the use of tire sealants before installing Stallion Products.


  • Added safety for recapped tires
  • Operates between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C)
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable high grade chemical
  • Does not freeze