Introducing…Stallion Tire Management Solution

Introducing…Stallion Tire Management Solution

Stallion Tire Management Solution, unique, ground breaking technology designed to transform all types of commercial tires.

Stallion’s tire sealant technology works on a variety of tire types, all of which are characterized by varying operating conditions and physical parameters. No other tire sealant technology operates between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C), self-balances and self seals punctures up to ½” in diameter in both high speed and low speed tires.

Stallion Tire Management Solution is proud to bring you 3 new products:

Sahara is a high/slow speed product designed for commercial vehicles and industrial equipment tires. Sahara self balances tires, protects tire casing from heat and oxidation damage and seals bead/rim leaks.

Sahara can increase your tire’s performance by stopping air loss and retaining correct pressure by sealing the entire casing from normal casing porosity, improving the seal over buffed areas and reducing heat buildup in tires.

Sahara is the only tire casing product that has been tested and passed by ARDL, one of the most recognized labs in the world for tire/rubber testing. The test was based on OEM test standards and TMC RP.
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Phantom is a biodegradable, non-toxic premium tire sealant that works in all off the road (OTR), industrial, mining, agriculture and turf tires. Phantom seals punctures up to ½ inch, prevents casing blisters and stops Bead/Rim/O-ring and Vent leaks.

In addition to not freezing, some of Phantom’s safety features include added safety for recapped tires and an operating temperature of between -35°F to 270°F (-37°C to 132°C).
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Rim off is a premium liquid formula for mining tires that protects tires from scale…it’s rust scale and pitting, reduces tire failure and keeps tires running cooler.

When added to the air chamber in any tire, Rim Off works to improve performance and safety by protecting tire liners from degrading and preserving the original state, improving air retention by sealing natural liner porosity and vent hole leakage and eliminating the need for rim clean up and painting.
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Stallion Tire Management Solution identified a need and filled it with their revolutionary new tire casing products. The only products classified as ground up technology.

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