Rim Off

Rim Off is a premium, eco-friendly liquid formula that will save you money while keeping your tires safe. When added to the air chamber in any tire, Rim Off works to improve performance and safety in the following ways:


  • Protects tire liners from degrading and preserves original state
  • Protects wheels/rims against rust scale
  • Improves air retention by sealing natural liner porosity and vent hole leakage
  • Prevents cracks and blisters on inner liners
  • Improves the seal over buffed areas when a proper repair has been installed
  • Reduces heat buildup in tires and tire failure
  • Aluminum alloys vary by manufacture. Check your wheel manufacturer’s warranty concerning the use of tire sealants before installing Stallion Products.


  • Eliminates the need for rim clean up and painting
  • Improves tire repair ability
  • Decreases labor costs for tire dismounting and air checks


  • Excellent leak detector that safely identifies cracks in the rim base
  • Non-hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic

Used As A Dynamic Balance Media

Rim Off can also be used as a tire/wheel end balancer and acts far superior than traditional metal weights, powder balancing, glass beads or disc balancers. Balancing tires is a costly business at almost $35-$45 per tire. Companies who balance their drive and trailer tires must do so frequently and that can take a toll on your revenues. With the dynamic balance system, you add STALLION inside the tire. The physics statement for this process is: a free floating mass in a spinning assembly will seek equilibrium. In other words, it self balances. As an overall concept this system re-balances the assembly each time you accelerate from a stop.

In tests we have conducted, self-balance improves the tire life on trucks and buses between 10 and 20% compared to ones with no balance.