• SAHARA in Travel Trailers

    Any of us that has pulled a trailer know the tires on the trailer can be a royal pain. Maintaining the air pressure alone can take more time than we seem to have, especially when the chance to get away comes out of the blue. It has happened to all of us, get the camping…Read…

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  • What vehicle downtime REALLY mean for your business.

    For most company fleets, downtime is tangible and can be translating into dollars. In fact, downtime costs a fleet an average of $448 to $760 a day, per vehicle, and those figures add up fast costing your company valuable revenue that could and should be allocated elsewhere. While accidents and maintenance are typically the first…Read…

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  • SAHARA MOTO (tire balancer & tire sealant)

    Stallion introduces a high speed motorcycle tire management solution.

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  • How can punctured tires equal more revenue for your company?

      By stocking large quantities of Stallion Tire Management Products! There are 33 million vehicles registered in Canada and over 260 million vehicles in the United States, which means that somewhere, somehow a tire is being punctured several times a day. Here is where you, a distributor of Stallion Products, stand to increase your company’s…Read…

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  • Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    In a perfect world where all tires and wheels are perfectly balanced, a spinning wheel and tire will have same centrifugal and centripetal forces all the way around the tire, thus creating a smooth, steady ride. But since we do not live in a perfect world, most wheels and tires available to the mass market…Read…

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  • The Stallion Advantage is not just for the working man

    Now that summer is approaching it’s time to get your ATV’s, dirt bikes, campers and caravans ready! What’s the one thing that can put a damper on the perfect vacation? A flat tire!   Then, the open road is full of dangers; wayward nails, broken glass and so much more. Sahara tire sealant prevents air…Read…

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  • Introducing…Stallion Tire Management Solution

    Stallion Tire Management Solution, unique, ground breaking technology designed to transform all types of commercial tires. Stallion’s tire sealant technology works on a variety of tire types, all of which are characterized by varying operating conditions and physical parameters. No other tire sealant technology operates between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C), self-balances and self…Read…

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  • Machinery Benefits of Stallion Tire Management Solution

    Long haul trailers, skid steer loaders, motor homes, school buses, fleets of all kinds can benefit from the ground breaking technology produced by Stallion Tire Management Solution. Are you the owner/operator of a large fleet of trucks? You need to invest in Stallion’s Tire Sealant and Tire Casing. The benefits are endless! The product alone…Read…

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