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Fuel expense and tire costs hit fleets and owner operators right where it hurts, in the bottom line! Tire and fuel prices continue to climb, eroding profits, while taking the fun out of the open road. Remove the worry and hassle of down time while increasing fuel mileage, adding mileage to your tires, and enjoying a smooth ride, thus putting the enjoyment back in those long haul runs with Sahara in your tires.

Sahara Moto

Open country, winding roads, and the feel of the power beneath you are all exhilarating. No matter if your ride is small, medium or one of the large road Motorcycles, the fun is there. Tire issues can take the fun away, for a while at least. The thing is, you only have 2 tires on the road, or 3 in the case of a trike. You want those tires inflated and balanced for the safety of you and your rider. Want that peace of
mind, remember Sahara Moto!

Sahara Powersport

Atv’s and Side by Sides! These off-road vehicles are fun to wind through mountain forests or run wide open across the desert floor! They are so much fun, yet you see extra tires strapped all over theses hotrods. Stopping to change a flat tire interferes with the fun. So does walking because you didn’t have spares or ran out of them. Spend more time on the trail or barreling across the desert with Sahara Powersports in those tires!


Sun up is a beautiful time of the day. Add fresh coffee and a great breakfast and you have it made. UNTIL you get to the job site and your new $500,000 motor grader has a flat on one of your $1,000 tires. If you are running maintainers, loaders, graders or any type of off-road machine that produces high torque and heat, enjoy that sun rise knowing you have the protection of Phantom Premium!

Phantom Farm Ballast

There is a fine line in farming between making a profit and going to the bank for a loan. Equipment
expenses can be crippling, including tire and wheel related costs. When the tractor is setting because of a flat tire or a rusted-out rim, that time is gone but not the expenses, they keep coming. Large tractors or small, shredders or planters, plows or harvesters, keep them working with the protection of Phantom Farm Ballast and keep those expenses down and profits up.

Rim Off

There is an old saying, Time is Money. There is no better example of that phrase than watching Tire
Technicians trying to dismount a mine tire off a rusted wheel. Not only are they fighting the wheel, but the rubber has hardened making their job that much more strenuous, and expensive. Protect the wheel while conditioning the tire with Rim Off and watch the Techs job get easier, safer, and cost effective.

Dolly Emergency Sealant (Latex Free)

TPMS Light comes on and our first impulse is ” Oh no, not that!”, especially if you do not have a spare in the trunk! Keep Dolly Emergency Sealant in your trunk and breathe easier. Dolly is quick, easy, and safe. Dolly won’t let you down!