Phenomenological product and price. Never mind STANS and Muckoff! If your running tubeless and you want to save a bundle, get this and do your own! You save the cost of the product each time you do your own. Great product!

Stallion Farm Ballast, Great product! Review Amazon

I was making a sales call with the Myers rep. The customer said he did not want to miss service calls
because of reduced tire repairs by using sealant. While we were there, he dispatched all 5 of his service
trucks to various yards to perform tire repairs. Five minutes later he got a call for 8 drive tires on a
Peterbilt, ASAP. When he told the caller it would be 1.5 to 2 hours before he could get there, he lost the
sale. He now orders 55-gallon drums of our product every 2 months.

Huntsville, Alabama

This Stuff goes into the tire far easier than the “other brand’s” orange stuff. Both do the same thing (IE seal holes and dynamically balance the wheel & tire assembly). For my money the Sahara brand gets the nod due to its easier install.

Constant down time for their trailer fleet was causing serious issues with manpower. They tried our
product in three trailers as a test. Within a month, they installed it in every trailer and truck in their

East Memphis, Tennessee

The City of Decatur inquired about our products thru their tire dealer, which is a Myers customer. They
were dragging their feet, not sure they wanted to spend the money. They had a backhoe slide into a pit
and puncture one of its large drive tires. The flat tire could not get enough traction to pull itself out of
the pit. The tire dealer went out and installed our product, inflated the tire, and drive the backhoe out of
the pit. They now run our sealants in their equipment.

Decatur, Alabama

Fleet with 475 trailers were having serious problems with under inflation and their drivers curbing, thus
deflating the outer tires. After trying Sahara in 6 trailers, they are installing it in every trailer to maintain
air pressure. They are on their 6 th tote and will continue until all 3800 tires are treated. The tractors are

Jacksonville, Mississippi

“Slow leaks are sometimes hard to find. I had one on the right rear of one of my units that we couldn’t find. I ordered a small bottle of Stallion Sahara to try out. After installing the Sahara, I put the unit to work. This was a couple months ago and i have had no more leaks. Love the stuff.”

Steve, Houston, TX July 2021

I have about 1000 miles on a new set of tires. I took off all weights and the motorcycle rides great. Very happy so far.

 Motorcycle tire balance and puncture sealer. Steve Langer,  April 13, 2021

” I had slow leaks in my skid steer for quite a while. I contacted Stallion and talked to Doug Biddle. He gave me idea on installing Phantom Farm. He was right, install was simple and it works great.”

Jack, Farmer Colorado March 2021

“After buying new tires, (6 ply, yea I know that was all he had) and beginning to mow my pasture, (It had been sitting idle and had not been mowed in over a year) I found my front tires flat each morning from the briars and the thorns. I took the flattest one back to the tire dealer and had it repaired. Another $25. His parting comment was< “See you next week”. It was funny and aggravating at the same time. Mostly because it was looking like the truth.
Now that I have added the Phantom Farm Ballast and Tire Sealant to the front tires on my tractor I have not had any tires leaking down over night. I might not see my tire guy next week after all. This stuff works so well, I may not see him for a month or two and then it will just be in passing. You will need some kind of pump to get the material inside the tube. I bought one of the fluid exchange pumps and used a hose clamp to fasten the end to the valve stem with core removed. Popped the core back in after adding the suggested amount and aired her back up. Three days of hard cutting and no leaking.”

Jeff Herrin’s Amazon review  · Mar 11, 2021

“Less tire expense is always what we are looking for. Sahara gave it to us.”

Jose, Guicos Trucking. San Juan, Tx Jan. 2021

“I started adding Sahara to our drives and trailers last year and will continue to do so. Tire expenses are down as a result.”

Guillermo, Tersa Transports. Rio Grande City, Tx Dec. 2020

“I didn’t think Stallion could seal since there are no large materials in it! But it does a great job and it doesn’t stop up our pumps.”

Travis, TransTex Brownwood, TX Aug. 2020

“Love the way Stallion works in trailer tires, cuts downtime to almost nothing.”

Jacob, Forrest Tire, Odessa, Tx July 2020

“Stallion is the first tire seal we have used that worked in every application we tried.”

Shawn, Williams Tire, Midland, Tx June 2020

” I heard about Stallion Sahara on Sirius XM late night radio show. I was changing my tire from 11R22.5 to Super singles so I contacted Stallion and talked to Doug Biddle. I liked what I heard so i contacted my local tire company and had Sahara installed as we make the switch. Ride is great, tread wear is even and my tires are lasting longer with very little downtime. Great Stuff!

Carl, Long haul trucker, Utah April 2020

“We needed help maintaining air pressure in our trailer fleet. Sahara is performing so well, we are adding to our entire fleet.”

Mike, Nissan, Jackson, MS April 2020

“Our company started adding Stallion to all wheel positions, tractors as well as trailers, last year. The results have been outstanding. Especially looking forward to seeing our annual fuel expense drop year over year.”

Oscar, UniMex. McAllen, Tx /Mexico March 2020

“We use Stallion Sahara for 3 years on our long haul trailer fleet. This represents about 30 million miles on Van style semi trailers. Our routes include climates from the heat of the US/ Mexican border to the frozen cold of northern Canada. We installed the product ourselves in our own shop with no trouble. The use of this product reduced the incidents of road side flat tires by 70%. The cost saving was huge as tires could be serviced as part of planned maintenance rather that expensive and time wasting road side call outs.”
ABC Transportation Ltd.

“…We were checking the air pressure on “A” pm and “B” pm checks, we have discovered that the air pressure was so consistent being the right pressure, we only check the air pressure on the “B” pm check.”
Jack Yingling
Kephart Trucking, Bigler, PA

“We have been running a fleet of Skid Steer Loaders for over 10 years. Over the years we have tried numerous products pumped into our tires to “Stop Leaks”. Three and half years ago we began using Stallion. Our downtime due to flat tires has decreased remarkably.”
John Coombs, General Manager

“One of the major concerns to everyone who retreads tires is the quality of the casing and the ability for the casing to undergo standard inspection procedures. The decision to accept a tire for retreading is the decision to put a company’s name on the final product. We tested Stallion in one of our trucks for a period of four months and during the inspection stage we noticed it had sealed two nail punctures. Stallion will not cause chamber fires; it is easily washes out and has passed our retread process.”
John Green, Manager (Retired)
Fountain Tire Retread

“We have been using Stallion with great success in our repair facility at United Rentals Langley BC since 1999. As you know the construction industry uses many different types of fasteners, which get dropped or lost on different job sites. Stallion has helped reduce the service calls due to slow leaks caused by small punctures in tires. It has also increased our customer loyalty on the rental side.”
Wayne Patterson
United Rentals , District Maintenance Manager

“I have used Stallion, and prior to that, similar products for the last 30-35 years. Stallion, in my opinion is the best of all the products I have used. It has sealed the most consistently, stays in place as it was designed to do and is easy to work around. My opinion is based on the use of the product as an air-loss preventative. This is my opinion, and not an expression on behalf of my company.”
Kelly Crouse
Manager Kal Tire Commercial

“Late last year we were introduced to another tire sealant brand that was supposed to be just as good as Stallion but for less money. We get some pretty cold winters (-20 to -40 is not unusual) the other product froze solid in one of our tires at -20 while the Stallion treated tires just kept on rolling without any issues ( it recently hit -37 here, no problems at all with the Stallion treated tires) the other brand was a bit less expensive initially it ended up costing us a whole lot more money and time than Stallion.”
Mike Richards

“I had tried every brand of sealer out there and did not work. We had so many plugs in the tires. I was searching the web and found Stallion, call them and got a pail of their Stallion. We dismounted all tires and cleaned them so there was no sealer in them. We installed Stallion in the tires; we have had not one flat on the ATV’s since we installed Stallion. We have saved on down time and overtime.
It’s the best thing we have done to decrease our overhead.”
Westside Mosquito District. California
Brian Morris, Fleet Manager

“I was losing air from a bead leak and from a nail in one of my rigs tires (you could actually hear the air coming out) I remembered the product from the show and skeptical as I was I gave them a call as I figured I had nothing to lose except the cost to treat one tire (which turned out be $30.00, which is a hell of a lot less than a roadside tire repair!) They came out and treated the tire. I drove 15 – 20 ft forward and 15 – 20ft backward. Air leak gone. The next day at the end of my run I checked the tire that had been treated, no air pressure loss and much to my surprise the treated tire was cooler to the touch than the untreated tire beside it. Thank you Stallion…”
Ed Janssen, Owner / Operator Jansen Trucking LTD

“We all know the importance of staying ahead of the first few groups in the morning allowing us to perform our tasks with minimal disruptions by our members. After out fitting all our turf grass equipment with Stallion we have reduced our flat tires from an average of 14 per season to zero last year. This has not only reduced our equipment & employee down time it has reduced our labor & frustration.”
Dave Zeiler, Superintendent

“I have been operating skid steers for many years and always carried “plug kits” for on – site repairs. Now that I have Stallion my down time is non-existent and productivity increased. The extra money in my pocket is a real bonus.”
Cam R, Coquitlam B.C

“Drive tires went 11,000 mi. over the previous set, no flats no air loss.”
Pat O Day,
Taylors Transportation LLC, Montana.

“After many months of talking to tire maintenance managers at several mines, one manager at became interested in trying Stallion in order to protect his casings on his 240 MT haul trucks against heat damage. They have 26 haul trucks in that location. Belongs to GRUPO MEXICO, a very large company with mining operations in Mexico, Peru, Chile, USA, and other countries. After 15 days, the tire maintenance manager Raul was surprised to find out that the tires with Stallion did not heat as much as the ones that did not have Stallion. His deduction came from the charts that he prepared, and that we attach (next slide). He acknowledges that the coolest the tires operate, the longer they will live. Also, Raul mentioned that when he completes his evaluation, he expects to incorporate Stallion as a stocking product at the mine, in order to use it in all their off road and mining tires.”

“Work is starting to pick up, and I apologize for not getting back to you yet, but it went well! I still had an issue with air leaking from one tire, but I believe it’s my issue and not the sealant. It had a slow leak, but I just aired it up between heats and it held well enough.

I put a couple of videos up on YouTube from our last race:

nailedtireOverall, I’m very impressed with the sealant! My ice tires have nearly 4000 drilled holes in them, partially plugged by screws, and only one hole generated a slow leak. I actually found a pre-drilled hole in one of my tires where I forgot to put a screw in, and that tire doesn’t leak at all. I’ll break the tire down and put a screw in it too, but that’s a good indicator of how well Stallion works. I also have a group of off-road truck guys already interested in Stallion. Slime helps a lot of off-road racers down south, but since it doesn’t work in freezing temps our local guys don’t even use it, but they’re looking for something that works. So far, other than my extra drilled holes in the tires, Stallion is working great!”

“I contacted Duffield sand and gravel. They have not had any other issues from that tire. They had lost no air; they have had no new splits and were loading continuously with this vehicle, every day until January 15 2014. The tires were replaced then.”
Thanks, Tom Irving
Duffield Sand & Gravel, Arkansas.

“On July 5th 2012 we installed Stallion into a 26.5R29 tire on one of our skid steer loaders. The tire was completely “ringed” with sidewall cracks/splits. The sidewall cracks/splits ranged in length from 2 to 11 inches and some were over an inch deep. We had to add air on a daily basis and looking back on it, the tire should have been replaced. A year later and counting the tire is still in service and has not lost one single pound of air!

During this time no new splits have occurred and the existing ones have not become worse and we are continuously loading with this vehicle. The product really works.”

“I love the product and have seen it work with my own eyes. I would have NO issues backing up this product. I was sold when I could not get the beads on a 355/55D625 to seal. Pumped in the product, laid the tire/wheel assembly on either side for mere seconds. When I introduced the air, the product slightly blew out where the air was escaping then sealed instantly. I have never been called back to repair or air up that tire again. Make me the go to guy here in the GTA and I’ll have no problem being your distributor. I could have truck delivering it full time.”
Jerry Vanderklaauw

“After a year and a half of testing the Armada product in a variety of applications as well as wheel positions, I have found it exceeded our expectations.

We started by using the product in 255/70R225 trailer tires ( 50 oz per wheel ) The air pressure was maintained , driver comments were the trailer pulled better with less vibration.
We next installed the product in more trailer tires with same results.

To determine what effect ARMADA had on wheel balance we started to install the product in steer tires .We took a couple of ways to test the effects on balancing .

First we would balance the tires by conventional method of spinning tire and adding wheel weights, the truck would go into service for a few days to determine if there was any vibration or ride issue. The truck would then come back and we would remove the wheel weights and install Armada in each tire ( 11R225 & 11R2245 60 oz per tire ) Ride and driver feed back was all positive with some drivers reporting improve in ride &handling when Armada was installed.

The scope of the testing was as follows:
ATV / Lawn & Garden – Maintain air pressure as well a s reduce flat tires Implement – Maintain air pressure

Travel Trailer/ Motor Home – Reduced blow outs due to low air pressure ( less damage to units ) Improved ride for trailer and motorhomes as product balanced the tires ranging from 225/75R16 up to 295/75R225

OTR / Farm – Maintained air pressure ( stopped rim leaks as well as leaks pertaining to punctures )

Medium Truck – Balancing on trucks & trailers( less cupping in trailer application ) , maintained air pressure as well improved ride I drive and steer positions.

We are very please with the Armada and will continue to use it in all applications.”

Thanks again
Fountain Tire
Lethbridge Alberta

“I hope this letter finds you well. I just wanted to pass along my thanks for introducing our fleet to the Stallion product. Our service runs a range of units from sedans, pickups, SUV’s and Medium Duty Transports and we have tried your product across the board. The single most important key factor for us was the immediate elimination of flat tires in units equipped with Stallion. I cannot express the importance of not having a flat. This product has far exceeded our expectations and is simpler to use than other run flat technologies that we have tried and at a much lower price point per unit. We have also experienced an increase in tire life and heat reduction, specifically on our larger medium duty fleet.”

Sean Praill 
Staff Sergeant #536 Provincial Fleet Operations

“Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you have given us. We were very impressed how well your Stallion gel worked for us. The Tire Protection alone, along with all the other safety benefits sure made us feel more secure with our tires. We had no tire balancing problems and our tires were running cooler. Your product did not interfere with our TPMS concern about pressure readings. Thank you for no more flats. Your product is excellent for all types of tires and it being biodegradable makes it even more appealing to all our customers. We love the fact that it is considered a green product. We recently did some cars, golf carts, electric scooters and trucks with our customers. We have some very happy customers now, since we solved their problems. Our dealers prefer selling the product as a fix the air leak instead of fix flats because more people have leaky tires than flats. We look forward to a long and continued business relationship.”

Jason Rite
President & CEO
NitroLube Canada Inc.

“I have completed the cure test for the Stallion product you have been using with your fleet in Florida. The test was conducted at Bingham Tire & Retreading (Goodyear Authorized Retreader). The product passed without any incident including up to 300 degrees and the standard 260 degree cure as well. Further more, there was no residue or damage to anything either in the tires or any equipment during the entire retread process. I left 5 ounces of product in 23 tires (usually tires are cleaned and washed out) and not only did it not ignite in the cure process but it dried and evaporated the remaining sealant from inside the tire. This product is retread friendly. It also washes out with water too!

I hope this information helps,. This is the only sealant that I have tested that does not create a chamber fire!!!!”

Ryan Searcy
Business Development, Retread
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
200 Innovation Way, Akron, OH 44316

“Bingham Tire & Retreading has been retreading as a Goodyear Authorized Retreader since 2002. I have tried other tire sealants in the past that have made claims that their product is retreadable only to find out that they fail during the chamber cure process. We have tested the Stallion brand product through a full scale cure (at 260 degrees) successfully. The Stallion sealant did not cause a chamber fire and I would recommend this sealant to any customer looking to operate their fleet or equipment with the Stallion brand product. This is the only product that has proven itself through the retread process. I have to also mention that many sealants are hard to clean out of the tire. Your product easily washes right out of the tire with water. No pressure washer or cleaning agent of any kind is needed at all. Stallion is truly the best and most value added product on the market. It seals up to a ½” puncture! It also seals beads to reduce/ eliminate bead leaks. It works with TPMS systems, and to add to this your product is the only lab tested product ARDL (Akron Rubber Developmental Laboratories) on the market. Last but not least, this product lasts the lifetime of the tire! Your product does exactly what you say it does. We now have one product to service everything from a tire on a wheel barrow all the way up to a 63” Off Highway Tire!”

Brent Bingham
Bingham Tire & Retreading (Goodyear Authorized Retreader)
Barbourville, KY (USA)