Machinery Benefits of Stallion Tire Management Solution

Machinery Benefits of Stallion Tire Management Solution

Long haul trailers, skid steer loaders, motor homes, school buses, fleets of all kinds can benefit from the ground breaking technology produced by Stallion Tire Management Solution.

Are you the owner/operator of a large fleet of trucks?

You need to invest in Stallion’s Tire Sealant and Tire Casing. The benefits are endless! The product alone is competitively priced and can be installed in your own shop. Save on expensive roadside call outs and keep your trucks on the road protect your investments.

“We use Stallion Sahara for 3 years on our long haul trailer fleet. This represents about 30 million miles on Van style semi trailers. Our routes include climates from the heat of the US/ Mexican border to the frozen cold of northern Canada. We installed the product ourselves in our own shop with no trouble. The use of this product reduced the incidents of road side flat tires by 70%. The cost saving was huge as tires could be serviced as part of planned maintenance rather that expensive and time wasting road side call outs.”
Ken R. Davey
Director of IT and Loss Prevention | Accord Transportation Ltd.

Own a farm? Constantly dealing with punctured tires leading to downtime and loss of revenue?

  • Get Stallion for your
  • Tractors
  • Front end loaders
  • Bobcats
  • Windrowers
  • Utility Vehicles

Stallion products can ensure that your agricultural equipment keeps working for you!

Manage a fleet of recreational vehicles such as ATV’s?

Keep your business running smoothly and avoid leaks and punctures with Stallion tire casing.

“I had tried every brand of sealer out there and did not work. We had so many plugs in the tires. I was searching the web and found Stallion, call them and got a pail of their Stallion. We dismounted all tires and cleaned them so there was no sealer in them. We installed Stallion in the tires; we have had not one flat on the ATV’s since we installed Stallion. We have saved on down time and overtime.
It’s the best thing we have done to decrease our overhead.”
Westside Mosquito District. California
Brian Morris, Fleet Manager

Overseeing a construction site?

Construction sites are riddled with a variety of fasteners that get lost or dropped on a daily basis. Adding Stallion to the tires of your excavators and bobcats can significantly decrease the punctures that would normally occur.

Rim Off is a premium liquid formula for tires. When added to a tire’s air chamber, Rim Off protects tires and eliminates wheel/rim loss from scale and pitting, while improving air retention through its sealing qualities.

Phantom repairs and prevents flat tires, seals minor cracks in inner wall of the tire, and continuously self-seals punctures of up to one half of an inch in diameter.

Sahara self balances tires, protects the tire casing from heat and oxidation damage and seals bead/rim leaks.

All Stallion products work efficiently and effectively in all weather conditions, perfect for large fleets of outdoor equipment.

“Late last year we were introduced to another tire sealant brand that was supposed to be just as good as Stallion but for less money. We get some pretty cold winters (-20 to -40 is not unusual) the other product froze solid in one of our tires at -20 while the Stallion treated tires just kept on rolling without any issues ( it recently hit -37 here, no problems at all with the Stallion treated tires) the other brand was a bit less expensive initially it ended up costing us a whole lot more money and time than Stallion.”
Mike Richards

Whether you run a large fleet of long haul trucks, agricultural tractors, construction equipment or recreational vehicles, Stallion is your choice for saving tires and saving money!

Call today to see which Stallion product is right for your fleet!