What vehicle downtime REALLY mean for your business.

What vehicle downtime REALLY mean for your business.

For most company fleets, downtime is tangible and can be translating into dollars. In fact, downtime costs a fleet an average of $448 to $760 a day, per vehicle, and those figures add up fast costing your company valuable revenue that could and should be allocated elsewhere.

While accidents and maintenance are typically the first things that come to mind when thinking about downtime, there are many reasons why a driver and vehicle might not be productive. These can include unforeseen weather circumstances, vehicle recalls and heavy traffic.

But one of the most obvious reasons for vehicle downtime in a large fleet is tire issues.

Today’s roads are filled with debris ranging from loose nails, bolts and bits of broken glass which ultimately leads to punctures and tears in tires.

The cost of these repairs, including towing costs, and emergency repair situations, can be easy to predict and budget.

The best way to manage your budget and your tires is by stocking Stallion Tire Management products. Stallion products can be used preventatively as well as for repairs.

Rim Off is a premium, eco-friendly liquid formula that will save you money while keeping your tires safe. When added to the air chamber in any tire, Rim Off works to improve performance and safety in the following ways:

Sahara is a high-speed and slow-speed product designed for commercial vehicle fleets and industrial equipment tires. Sahara reduces tire issues by:

• Preventing air loss by sealing around puncture-creating objects (nails, bolts, glass etc.) up to ½” or 1.3 cm in diameter, while a combination of biodegradable fibres stop moisture from entering the steel belt area
• Stopping air loss and retains correct pressure by sealing the entire casing from standard casing porosity
• Improving the seal over buffed areas
• Reducing heat buildup in tires
• Protecting the casing from heat, oxidation and UV damage
• Dissipating tire chamber heat so that tires run cooler
• Stopping Bead/Rim/O-ring and Vent leaks

Sahara is only one in the line of Stallion products engineered to keep your fleet on the road and make you money.

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