How can punctured tires equal more revenue for your company?

How can punctured tires equal more revenue for your company?


By stocking large quantities of Stallion Tire Management Products!

There are 33 million vehicles registered in Canada and over 260 million vehicles in the United States, which means that somewhere, somehow a tire is being punctured several times a day.

Here is where you, a distributor of Stallion Products, stand to increase your company’s revenue significantly.

Check out our products:

Sahara is a high/slow speed product designed for commercial vehicles and industrial equipment tires. It will prevent air loss by sealing around the inner tire casing.
• Self-balances tires
• Protects tire casing from heat and oxidation damage
• Seals bead/rim leaks

Phantom is a premium tire sealant for industrial/off road/agricultural tires.
• Seals puncture up to ½ inch
• Stops bead/rim/o-ring and vent leaks
• Prevents casing blisters
• Non-toxic and biodegradable
• Designed to accommodate tires that require little pressure
• Operates between -35 F to 370 F (-37 C to 188 C)

Rim off is a premium liquid formula for mining tires.
• Protects tires and eliminates wheel/rim from scale and pitting
• Reduces tire failures and labour costs
• Aids in prompt identification of tire cuts wheel/rim cracks
• Keeps tires running cooler

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