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Sahara is a high-speed and slow-speed product designed for commercial vehicles and industrial equipment tires. Sahara reduces the operating temperature of the tire leading to improved fuel economy.


  • Prevents air loss by sealing around puncture-creating objects (nails, bolts, glass etc.) up to ½” or 1.3 cm in diameter, while a combination of biodegradable fibers stop moisture from entering the steel belt area
  • Stops air loss and retains correct pressure by sealing the entire casing from normal casing porosity
  • Improves the seal over buffed areas
  • Reduces heat buildup in tires
  • Balances wheel end assembly
  • Protects the casing from heat, oxidation and UV damage
  • Dissipates tire chamber heat so that tires run cooler
  • Does not pool to the bottom or block the valve system
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Performs with compressed air and Nitrogen
  • Approved for use with TPMS
  • Helps retain casing integrity
  • Continually self-seals punctures up to ½” (1.3 cm)
  • Stops Bead/Rim/O-ring and Vent leaks
  • Washes out easily


  • Added safety for recapped tires
  • Operates between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C)
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable high grade chemical
  • Does not freeze